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Patient Appointment & Scheduling

It would be amazing if your scheduling staff could instantly access patient documentation, share information with physicians in real-time, and easily manage orders and clinical documents relating to daily schedules. The capable and skillful staff speed patient scheduling, improve physician satisfaction and proactively manage incomplete and missing documents to avoid delays at registration for hospitals. Using Falconre Technohealth Business Solutions perceptive software’s ECM solution for patient scheduling these benefits are real. FTBS software’s scheduling solutions simplify scheduling for any scenario including managing orders for lab work radiology.

Our general perceptive software’s scheduling solution enables a faster more efficient scheduling process. It also increases productivity by eliminating paperwork delays and improves communication between patients and physicians. As all required documents are present in patients’ charts the doctors can perform a smooth check-in for each patient. Simplified scheduling brings happier patients and staff and that’s the perceptive software difference. we schedule the patient appointment through the provider’s online portal whereby streamlining the pre-registration process, familiarizing the patient concerning the appointment, and seeking information

Appointing Falconre Technohealth Business Solution

  • Ensure the smooth flow of patients while keeping wait time minimal.
  • Have the facility to treat the acutely ill, STATE appointments, walk-in, as well as no-shows and cancellations. 
  • Deliver a better appointment booking experience
  • A comprehensive medical appointment scheduling solution
  • Centrally manage your appointment booking platform

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