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Patient schedules appointments for treatment, information like a patient demographic, insurance card, and reason for the visit are collected. “Any neglect can impede the revenue cycle and give rise to various errors and registration hiccups. If the patient registration process is not in place, you stand a chance of losing your rightful earnings.

An effective patient registration process is the foundation to commence your revenue cycle on the right foot, eliminating hassles in complying with any procedures in the future.

Falconre Technohealth Business Solutions supports your patient registration process and puts you in complete control of all your billing requirements. From patient invoicing, insurance claims, insurance payments, to updating new rules for claim applications, the system ensures that all your claims are received and accepted.

FTBS includes a system for the patient to fulfill patient registration through his mobile device either from home or at the practice too. This helps save time at every level of the process and ensures mistakes are minimized.

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