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Prior Authorization

Authorization obtained from insurance before treatment is called prior authorization. prescription medications play an important role in many people’s ability to live productive fulfilling lives. But getting the prescriptions, we need to stay healthy isn’t always easy. To control costs health plans often use prior authorization a process requiring physicians to obtain insurer approval before treatments qualify for payment coverage. This process can delay patients receiving medications and burdens physician practices. This prior authorization process may take over your business hours or even days and impacts your business accumulation. So, having an expert prior authorizer by your side will greatly benefit you and keep your patients from waiting for hours and hours to receive the medications they need.

Manual prior authorization is one of the top workflow challenges facing physicians today. Our Prior Authorization solutions avoid this frustration by delivering electronic approvals in minutes or less. We manage the demands on the time of prescribers and staff. With our electronic prior authorization, providers can recoup time and provide even better experiences. 

92% care delay reasons;

  • more paperwork
  • Wasted times
  • Patient delays

Expert Prior Authorization from FTBS can,

  • Enhance patient access
  • Minimize disruptions
  • Save time & money. 

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